Tempranillo Wines

Tempranillo Wine Information

Finally, every wine lover must be aware of this wine! I repeat, you must be aware of Tempranillo wine! It is the wine king of Spain and Portugal. The wine grape Tempranillo is the most widely grown grapes all over the world in recent times. It is made from the Vitis and dominant grape Rioja which is used to make this fine variety of wine. Also, it’s leaves turn red during the fall season which is one of the most beautiful sights in a vineyard you will ever witness. There is also a white variety of the same named as Tempranillo Blanco. 
It is one of the oldest varieties of wine. Due to its versatile nature, one can also blend it into Port Wine named as Tinta Roriz. One can find its wide plantations in Spain, Portugal, Australia, Turkey, California, South America, Texas and New Zealand. The tastings gives you a cracker burst of cherry, cedar, dried fig, tobacco and till. You may also experience some fruity after taste as per the fermentation process. It’s higher acidity levels allows us to consume it as soon as its ready or we can bottle it for ageing process. One can pair it with Mexican foods, Smoke, Roasted vegetables, Pastas and Starch.