Sangiovese Wines


Sangiovese is a variety of red wine which is savory in nature. This specific variety of wine is a bit hard to find outside Italy and it has scarce plantations beyond it. The wine derives its name from its Latin word called as ‘Sanguis Jovis’ which literally translates to ‘Blood of Jupiter’. It usually has patterns of flavors depending upon how much you age the wine. To easily start with, a young bottle of Sangiovese can have a bit spicy and strawberry like taste. It can also take up the flavor of Tart Cherry, Fig and Red Plum.

When we speak of Oak, it does mix up with it if you age them in barrels. If we compare this wine to other varieties, one may notice that it is not that aromatic as the others and may have earthy or leaf like profile. One can differentiate between Fruity and Rustic Sangiovese. The fruity one is like the usual Christmas wine with a spice-fruity taste while the Rustic one has high levels of smoke, tannins and a slight aftertaste of oregano. Due to its higher level of acidity and tannins, one can easily enhance the wine’s flavors with tomatoes, herbs and cheese.