Merlot Wines

Merlot Wine Information

Identifying between red wines can be pretty confusing but there are minute things that you can look out for. You will know that the wine is Merlot if it has a dark blue colored shade in the wine and also, this one comes with subtle tannins. The color tint is because of the color of the Merlot grapes used to ferment this wine. This wine is usually softer as compared to Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is very area specific and is made in the Bordeaux region of France. You may find a few vineyards in family owned winery here and there.

The nature of this wine is infused with deep flavors with a velvety texture and a farmyard fragrance which can be felt while gargling it in the mouth. As this wine contains subtle tannins, you can consume it when it is quite young. There are three kinds of Merlots which you can opt for according to your taste- a smooth soft fruity wine with subtle tannins, a fruity combination with stronger tannins and one which is brawnier and near to Sauvignon. The best food pairings with Merlot wine includes almost everything under the roof from junk to festive food.