Sparkling Wine/Champagne Wines

Sparkling Wine/Champagne Information

Every occasion of celebration deserves to be toasted with Champagne; after all, that’s what the Sparkle is all about! To get to the basics, Champagne is a wine that gets its name after the region it is produced which is the Champagne region of France. The making of the Sparkle involves at least 3 years of perfect fermentation and processing which further gives out the perfect flavor. 
One can use upto three mixtures of grape varieties to produce Champagne. The most commonly used include White Chardonnay or Pinot Noir also known as the ‘dark skinned grapes’ used for making red wine or Pinot Meunier. The quality of the grapes determines the quality of wine, so the best of them are selected to produce Champagne. 
Champagne compliments the best for festive occasions, birthday parties, weddings and everything sassy. The best way to open the bottle of happiness is to ease the cork first by holding it in a particular angle and then pushing the cork out or take the help of a sabre so that sufficient air can be passed through it. As far as pouring I concerned, tilt the glass a little bit and fill in the right amount. 
Now, you’re all set to dazzle!