Pinot Noir/Red Burgundy Wines

Pinot Noir/Red Burgundy Wine Information

Pinot Noir is a craftsman’s skill. To enjoy the best of the Pinot Noir wine, the most important and mandatory thing is that it has to be well made. One cannot wrong on the procedure otherwise it loses its captivity. It derives it name from the French words ‘Pinot’ and ‘Noir’ which means ‘Pine’ and ‘Black’ and is named after the grape variety called ‘Pinot Noir’ itself. This wine is one the date favorite because of its seductive, peppy yet rich textures it carries in itself. It has its roots in the Burgundy region of France which also houses some of the most expensive grapes and wines. 

There are more than 30 varieties of Pinot Noir wines which are classified as per their texture, taste, fermenting process, flavors and bouquets. Pinot Wines price ranges from affordable to expensive based on the type and taste you wish to savor your buds with. The food pairings with Pinot Noir usually includes fishes like salmon, duck, lamb, chicken, roasted vegetables like mushrooms, and grilled foods. If you choose to opt for the expensive range, it goes very well with meat, roasted and grilled dishes especially fishes. The best of Pinot Noir is available in restaurants as well.