Muscat/Moscato Wines


Muscato carries its own fascinating nature as the Muscat family of grape is the oldest grape in the world! The one that we are talking about specifically is a variety of white wine which carries the flavors of Meyer lemon, pear, mandarin orange, orange blossom and honeysuckle. The wine also contains a natural aromatic flavor due to a component called linalool which is present in the grape itself. One can also find this element in cinnamon, citrus flowers and mint. This family of grapes contains 400 varieties which are further used for the production of other wines in different regions of France, Australia, California, South Africa etc. 

This wine is further bifurcated into five types- Semi-Sparkling or Sparkling Muscato which can be your perfect beachy or pool side companion, Still Muscato which is sweet but not too sweet and can be used on your carbs days, Pink Muscato which can be consumed on frivolous occasions, Red Muscato/Black Muscat which is a perfect date night wine and Muscato dessert wines which has rich caramel flavors. The dessert variety can be used for the days when you need that extra sugar to function. The food pairings with this wine are uncountable but the main ones include medium cheeses, common vegetables, almost all kinds of spices and herbs and different types of meat.